Vision C2 - Alternating Vision & Reality

Vision C2 Alternating Vision & Reality

Android Applications

1. instant NetWORTH Free

Google Play Store - instant NetWORTH Free instant NetWORTH - Instuctions Instant NetWorth (a Second Budget) is aimed at showing you how your net-worth is improving daily by expressing all your bills and income as a daily amount and then adding them all up. Instuctions

2. Wuts @ Free

Google Play Store - Wuts @ Free Wuts @ - Instructions Displays a map of what you point your device at twice using triangulation. Instuctions

3. Orbital Speed Calculator Free

Google Play Store - Orbital Speed Calculator Free Orbital Speed Calculator Free - Instructions You input a known orbit into this program. It will then calculate the mass of the body being orbited. You then input a new altitude in terms of radius and it will calculate the speed required to be in orbit at that distance. Instuctions


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