Vision C2 - Alternating Vision & Reality

Vision C2 Alternating Vision & Reality

Android Applications

1. instant NetWORTH

Direct Download - instant NetWORTH instant NetWORTH - Instuctions Instant NetWorth (a Second Budget) is aimed at showing you how your net-worth is improving daily by expressing all your bills and income as a daily amount and then adding them all up. Instructions

2. Wuts @

Direct Download - Wuts @ Wuts @ - Instructions Displays a map of what you point your device at twice using triangulation. Instructions

3. Orbital Speed Calculator

Direct Download - Orbital Speed Calculator Orbital Speed Calculator - Instructions You input a known orbit into this program. It will then calculate the mass of the body being orbited. You then input a new altitude in terms of radius and it will calculate the speed required to be in orbit at that distance. Instructions

4. Signlight

Direct Download - Signlight Signlight - Instructions You pick a rainbow, one color or range of colors to cycle over time, then place your Acrylic sign, prism, glass or over object on your phone or tablet to light up and turn your device into an artistic display to light up the whole room! Instructions


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