My Homes: Now and Then

This is my current home is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Notice the tree in the real estate photo.

I rented this home 1 mile from my job.

This was taken at night. The light from the Luxor visible.

I rented the master bedroom here in my 1st home in Nevada.

I thought to hang a solar panel in a window was a good non destructive way to at least benefit a little and charge a phone or the like.

Before Las Vegas, I owned a home in Tempe, Arizona.

I rented a room off Craigslist. Some great memories and lessons learned. This is in Glendale Arizona.

I had an apartment next to the park and about a mile to my job. This is in Phoenix.

I rented an apartment in Gilbert, Arizona after I got an MCSE certification and seeking a better job.

This is in Bakersfield, California. I have years of memories… no further comment, at this time..

I seemed to clinch my fists in photos..

In Bakersfield, California. I had many years with my friend Michael P.

I lived with my sister here in Bakersfield.

I had this apartment in Bakersfield and it was very close to family, many friends and my job at Round Table Pizza.

An apartment down this walkway was my first living away from my parents. This is in Bakersfield.

This is in Moss Bluff, Louisiana near Lake Charles. I lived 9 months with my father and enjoyed free education.

I spent a lot of high school years with my mom and sister in Bakersfield here.

Here I had a moped and a paper route.

I had my own Basketball hoop in the alley. My 7th to 9th grade years.

We barely spent time in the front except when I had to mow the lawn. I believe my sister is posing to help finish a roll of film..

I used to carry bundles of newspapers upstairs to be folded for delivery. The reasoning was that my rubber bands were upstairs. Notice the cool ceilings.

Oildale, California is this house just north of Bakersfield. We told few, “We’re from Oildale”..

This house had a chain link fence around the front yard. We experienced a major dust storm that blew down a weeping willow tree.

I always had my own room. My first room in Bakersfield. I still have the gun poker picture. They are non functioning.

This is in Ojai, California. I love Ojai!

We ran all around the neighborhood, back by dark.

This is in Ventura, California. Look at the front door and the roof above it now compared to the 70’s.

I remember my sister and I playing in a boat in the garage. This is the same house as above in Ventura.

The mailbox is easily seen in this and the previous photo.

My father built this brick fireplace and the concrete square can still be seen on several Earth mapping software such as “NASA Worldwind” or “Google Earth”.

This house is in Santa Paula, California built in 1920 and sold for $424,500 last year.

This was my Grandparent’s house and the address here is listed in my birth records.

This house in Jacksonville, Florida was built in 1963.

I loved posing in front of this car. I found that on a 2nd day, I posed on the other side.

This is in Orange Park, Florida. I am believing now that this is a 2nd or 3rd home my parents lived at Doctor’s Lake near Jacksonville.

Another picture at a different angle and time perhaps. Is this a different house?

The plants keep changing in the photos. I appear to be at one of these houses shown above. Many pictures you see with black borders are photos of slides projected and not trimmed.

My father is walking me and all dressed up for some reason.

I was born in California while my parents lived at this Orange Park, Florida home on a lake. My father was overseas in the Navy, so my mother had me near his parents.

Another view of this home. These homes in the same complex must have been torn down as there are newer homes shown on Google maps.