Light moves at the speed of light relative to an observer.   No matter how far the light has traveled and no matter how fast the object is moving, you see every ray of light coming into your eye at the speed of light.

I have learned from Physics and studying the Twin Paradox that time can slow down for one twin due to his traveling a great percentage of the speed of light.  I learned that if you could travel exactly the speed of light, you could be anywhere in the universe instantly, because you would not age.  However this is impossible to accomplish unless the mass of you plus the spacecraft equals zero.  Perhaps the observer in us has no mass and we travel through the universe with a space ship which is our body.

From this imaginary viewpoint looking at this observer, yourself or the twin traveling exactly the speed of light, he is motionless, has no thoughts and can not even push a button.  From our imaginary viewpoint (it’s imaginary because if there were another observer outside the spacecraft watching the twin be motionless, then we would be traveling at the same speed and therefore not be able to observe it, age, think or push a button)  the speed of light relative to that observer is still the speed of light.

What if the universe was already built?  What if the universe was a 3 dimensional fractal.  What if light only moves at the speed of light beCAUSE of time.  What if each ray of light that was going to go into your eye was motionless, waiting for you to get there for all of eternity and YOU zipped by it just in time because You are traveling at the speed of light?

Another idea I have is that if you imagine the twin at least being able to think, age and push a button, then he could be traveling 99.99999 or whatever percentage speed relative to the Earth (or whatever planet or star we mean when talking about the Twin Paradox).  An important point is that his speed must be relative to something else.  The fact that we can imagine ourselves watching this twin does not count.  Now to my idea, is that the light coming into his eyes, his body and spaceship make him.  Every moment of time he is created with a new copy of himself.

I say that all the light coming from every star you see at night that has been traveling towards you for thousands or billions of years is going to make you for an instant when the time is right.

If we were to imagine an imaginary viewpoint where we could see every pixel of light motionless and plotted on a 3 dimensional graph of x (length), y (height) and z (depth), and also see the “Path” that the observer is traveling, you would see the observer connected to each point of his past and his future.  You would see his whole life and see that he is still connected to his mother and everyone and everything.




Joke of the day

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If there is a will and a cow, then there is a whey.



Don’t Spam, you f-in robots!

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Hi, this is  Brian Murphy or  Brian Scott Murphy a.k.a.  B.S. Murphy a.k.a.   B. Scott Murphy.

I consider myself to be a “do it your-self”  astronaut and “funny” in multiple realities as a comedian.

I’ll post more later


JoKe Of ThE pAsT tImE pErIoD

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I really admire USB for continuing to invent products year after year in which you can never tell which way to plug it in.


Joke of The Day – Glass half empty

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I think the glass is half empty of air cause the f-in water is in the way!

Occupy Wall Street

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I think that Corporations which legally are artificial “Persons” should have one of their rights removed by Congress.

A Corporation and a business is a privilege created by the government.  Currently as I am aware the only legal difference between “the people” and these Persons (Corporations) is that Corporations can not vote.

Since Congress creates the laws regarding commerce and the states create the laws with respect to Corporations, they are God, creator.  The government has the power to create and tax and should exercise its right as creator and manage these corporations financial dealings more strictly than real living humans.  It should not matter to one single living person because these Persons do not really exist except as pieces of paper.

We have checks and balances and the courts have upheld corporations rights to donate money to political elections.  I believe laws could be formulated that will limit and take away the privileges of companies to donate money in such a way as it would be upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court.  I’m speaking philosophically, I don’t know the details, but the people and the government should work together (and leave out the Corporate – “Persons”  to come up with laws which would be legal, fair and eventually be upheld to the Supreme Court.

I am not against money being donated by any individual working for any corporation.  There should be no limit upon a citizen how much he donates.  I believe corporations should funnel their money to its employees however the corporation sees fit, and then the individuals can donate the money in any amount.  We don’t want to deny an individuals rights, we do want to limit non-existent humans rights.

This is only one part of the solution.

It is my strong belief  that most of our country’s labor hours are spent fixing things that other people broke.  Wars, crime and our appetite for throwing stuff away and buying new hurts our economy by generally making everyone one of us to work harder and longer to pay for it all.  In economics, I’ve never heard the “Broken Window fallacy” taught, but it should be mandatory!  If a window is broken on purpose by another, the owner can now NOT buy what he wanted to buy, he must buy what he HAS to buy.  He must work harder and longer.

I can understand why others would WANT to work harder and longer, so at least they CAN work.  The only solution as I see it, is to educate people so they KNOW that we must conserve and not destroy and that it will help us net total in the future.


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The New Alphabet order

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I came up with this about a year ago.  I forgot to post the reasoning behind this new order…

The letters are sorted by the shape of the uppercase letters of the alphabet.  There are 3 groups of letters: Letters with only straight lines, Letters with only curvy lines, and Letters that have both.

The straight letters are further sorted into how many strokes from 1 to 4 it takes to draw the letter.

Answer to “Do We Exist?”

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You can take any computer program and convert it into one really large number.  That number already existed in math, so did the programmer discover what already existed?  I say, that we have to redefine what the word exist means.  For something to exist there has to be an observer.

This is the way the universe works, every alternate reality possible universe exists, but as an observer we fly through to the possibilities of our choices.


My new letter opener…

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Hay buy the whey, is going ByeBye!

On 2010-July 21, in Events, by admin

Hello all (one of you (me)),

I am not renewing, but I am going to put this blog site on BrianScottMurphy.NET, so you must go there after August 2nd.

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