Now as Scott Teee Murphy


2014 as Super Scott


2009 as B.S. Murphy


2009 as Brian Scott Murphy


2005 as Brian Scott Murphy

I am, the most confident, a, comedian that you will ever know. (laughter) and a, a a de a great sense of timing (laughter) and um, I oh! I give thing, I de deliver it smoothly too. (laughter) [EDIT]

Well you know what? Um I, i'll do a little riffing, so a (talk to the audience). A what's your name? Taylor. Taylor? I don't know what to say about that. Um. (laughter) My friend Bill's here. A, what's your name Bill? (laughter) A, a, a Bill! OK. [EDIT]
And a, I have to look at my notes here. (laughter)
I was reading...I was... I like quantum physics so I was reading about the a Heisenberg uncertainty principle - I'm not sure what that is. (laughter)
Corn confuses me.... (laughter), (laughter) How are you tonight? (laughter) What's your name? Samantha. Samantha? (laughter) OK a, raise your hand if you want to talk to me. (laughter) I ah... (laughter) I bought a ah.. (laughter) [EDIT]
I have an invention...OK.. (laughter) um, (laughter) I'm not actually gonna invent it, but I'll give these ideas out. Um... I think it's cool that kids wear a, torn pants and that's kinda cool and a then baggy pants is cool.
This aint gonna work. (laughter) This is my last joke too. (laughter) [END]


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